Işıklar Holding has been continuing with their strategy of consolidation of their companies over which they have the management control under one single structure for the purposes of creating synergy and benefiting from   economies of scale by which means they are planning to have more effective and efficient strategic planning and financial possibilities so that the company can grow on a sustainable basis. This strategy was started in 2011 by way of consolidation of the companies within the group, and recently one more company has been included in this strategy. Within this scope, they have consolidated two of their companies which are called Işıklar Enerji ve Yapı Holding and Işıklar Yatırım Holding under the structure of Işıklar Enerji ve Yapı Holding by taking over these two companies with all of their assets and liabilities These two companies are organized under the Holdin g structure in the same field of business and their shares are traded in BIST (Istanbul Stock Exchange).

The consolidation was in The required permission and approval have been received from the CMB (Capital Markets Board). The consolidation was included in the Balance Sheet as of 31.12.2013. The consolidation operation and process of the two companies will be realized in accordance with the approval and permission of the CMB and the “right to separate” can be used in the Shareholders General Assembly so that the investors will not be subject to unjust treatment due to the fact that both of the parties to the merger are companies that are open to the public. By virtue of this merger, particularly the finance possibilities of the company are expected to be better, and in addition to that, and due to the fact that the two companies operate in different fields of business, a structure will be obtained which will represent the group rather than a specific Holding structure for the shareholders of and investors in the company. In this new structure, all of the companies within the Işıklar Group in such sectors as energy, construction, packaging, and casting will be gathered together under one company. This new structure will come to a position where the risks are spread, and opportunities and options are increased for the present shareholders and future investors.

By way of gathering the companies of the group which operate in various sectors under the structure of one company, the risks arising out of periodical fluctuations will be eliminated by virtue of which the company is expected to have a more stable financial and managerial structure in situations where there is particularly one field of operation. With this merger it will be easier to make decisions under competitive conditions, the operations will be simpler, and the financial resources will be used more effectively and efficiently. And new investors will make investments in the company. At the same time, corporate management applications will be more effective.