EKOKLINKER, which is the result of two years of R&D work of Işıklar Building Materials, continues to expand its market share. As well as it is chosen in Turkey in hundreds of projects in general, it continues to increase its sales in export sales abroad. The Ekoklinker 25s product, which meets the desired insulation value in severe weather conditions, continues to be preferred in the Balkan countries with cold climate conditions.

Ekoklinker provides world-class energy savings and offers a great advantage in heat and sound insulation, with mineral wool in it.

“Ekoklinker is a self-insulating, clay based, new generation wall system that is produced in different densities and does not require additional insulation.” 

It is produced by placing mineral wool on the inside of the clinker brick which is cooked in special ovens. It protects the insulation performance provided by mineral wool from outside weather conditions and fires during the life of the building. It is one of the most preferred wall types in Europe due to the building and facade fires that occurred in recent years. Ekoklinker provides robust and protective walls in buildings thanks to its perfect durability. It also allows for the creation of larger spaces because it is much thinner than traditional wall types. Ekoklinker is produced on the outer walls in 20/25cm thickness and is able to produce up to 0.075 W/mK of heat insulation value.

And the Ekoklinker partition walls are 10/12/15/19 cm thick and provide excellent sound insulation from 40 dB to 65 dB and form wall sections according to noise regulation.