Title of the Shareholder Share Group Number of Shares Held (pcs) Rate (%) Voting Rights Rate (%)
Turgut Işık Mahdumları Gayrımenkul ve Turizm Yatırımları A.Ş. A 2.561.724,90 0,47 6,63
Işıklar Holding A.Ş. B 47.366.327,98 8,71 8,17
Other B 493.667.080,35 90,81 85,19
Total 543.595.133,23 100,00 100,00

The shares of Işıklar Enerji ve Yapı Holding are divided into two groups; Group A and Group B. Group A shares are registered shares and Group B shares are bearer shares. Group A shares have the privilege of nominating candidates for the Board of Directors and a privilege related to the voting rights. The members of the Board of Directors are elected among the candidates nominated by the shareholders holding Group A shares. At the same time, holders of Group A shares have 15 votes for each share that they hold. On the other hand, shareholders holding Group B shares have one vote for each share that they hold. The shares traded in BIST (Istanbul Stock exchange) are Group B shares.