There are three river type Hydroelectric Power Plants (HES) within the structure of BND Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. 99 % of whose shares are held and controlled by Işıklar Enerji ve Yapı Holding. These hydroelectric power plants are called Üçgen I, Üçgen II, and Gelincik. The word üçgen means triangle, and the word Gelincik is the Turkish meaning of the flower corn poppy. BND has been founded for the purposes of realization and development of these three projects, and the usage rights for all the three projects belong to BND for a period of 49 years. The remaining time for their usage is 44 years. The power plants called Üçgen II and Gelincik are within the Black Sea region of Turkey which is the rainiest region in Turkey. The Üçgen I Project is within the provincial limits of Osmaniye. The hydroelectric power plant called Üçgen-2 Reg.and HES is in the township of Karadüz of the province of Ordu. And it has been generating electricity under the license number of TabiEÜ/1517-7/1106. It has an installed power of 10.319 MWe and an electricity generating power of 33.815 GWh per year. In the project of “Üçgen-2 Reg. and HES” the substantial completion has been accepted by TEDAŞ, DSİ, and finally by the Ministry of Energy. Thus, Üçgen-2 HES whose construction was started in October, 2011 has stated generating and selling electric power on a commercial basis.

With respect to the Üçgen I Project, the turbine has been ordered and the installation operation has been started. It is planned that the Üçgen I Project will be completed in October 2014. With respect to the third Project of BND which namely is Gelincik the whole legal process has been completed, and the turbines have been ordered. And the construction of the Project will start in accordance with the development in the financing and environmental conditions.
The main activity of the company is generating electricity, steam, and hot water. The company got started with its operations on the date of 06.02.2005.

Global Enerji generates electric power in the township of Çorlu in two different power plants with natural gas motors. The company has 4 natural gas motors in the Global-1 power plan in the region called Hacışeremet and 3 natural gas motors in the Global-2 power plant in the region called Velimeşe. The total installed power of the power plants is 32 MW.

It has been found convenient by the EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) that a generating right (license) should be given to the Electric Power Generating Plant of Global Enerji called Pendik Reg. and HES for a period of 49 years. The plant will be installed in the province of Ordu with an installed power of 14.9 MW. The endeavor are continuing for obtaining an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (ÇED). And after obtaining this report, the require application will be made to the EMRA for receiving a license.

BBS Elektrik Üretim Dağıtım A.Ş. 50% of whose shares are held by Işıklar Enerji ve Yapı Holding was established on the date of 20.10.2006 in Ankara, and its objective is to generate and sell electric power.

The company has the license for operating the Yenice Reg. and HES Power Plant with an installed power of 7.5 MW within the provicial limits of the province of Karabük. In accordance with the Project of the company a new feasibility report is prepared, and this feasibilit report has been submitted to the State Hydraulic Works for approval. Within the framework of the approval to be received from the State Hydraulic Works, the procedures for obtaining a preliminary license will be started.