About Us

Our company started its operations under the title of Metemteks in 1982 with yarn trade, and later on we started manufacturing yarn. Today, we are carrying out our operations as a Holding Company (Group of Companies). After joining Işıklar Holding A.Ş. in 2011, which is one the leading industrial group in Turkey a different structure was applied to the company, and it has become a HOLDING company which makes investments in companies that operate in many different sectors. Especially by virtue of the mergers with the companies in 2011 and August 2014 which operate under the control of Işıklar Holding, we started operating particularly in the fields of energy, packaging, building materials, and textile.

Within the scope of the Holding’s activities, our company concentrates heavily on managerial and corporate activities such as financing the subsidiaries and affiliated companies in sectors which are found strategic by our top executives. At the same time, we position ourselves to contribute to the sustainable growth of our company by closely following the developments in the domestic and international markets and by exploring new investment fields.

Our company became a public company in 1995, and today it is one of the companies in BIST (Istanbul Stock Exchage) which has one of the highest rates of being open to the public with a rate of 69%, including USAŞ which is a directly bonded company and Çemaş and Niğbaş A.Ş. which are indirectly bonded and the shares of which are traded in the Istanbul Stock Exchange.