Building Materials

Işıklar İnşaat has three plants in Bartın which manufacture terra cotta for clinker brick floors and façades. In the group of products of bricks there are such products as Işıklar pressed bricks, Işıklar Coating Bricks, Işıklar Floor Brick, Işıklar Cotto, Iso-clinker Pang hand system, and Architon façade system which has become a preferred product during the recent years for contemporary façade systems. On the other hand, in the complementary products group, the company has such products as Işıklar Flex joint sealant, Işıklar Flex Adhesives, Işıklar Ceramics Adhesives and Joint Sealants, Işıklar Liquid Silicone, and Işıklar Brick Surface Cleaner.

Işıklar Building Materials included roofing systems in the product range in 2012. And in the Greek city of Thessaloniki the company started manufacturing roofing tiles under the brand name of “Işıklar-Kebe” in its plant in this city which has a manufacturing capacity of 90 million roofing tiles and 700,000 tons of bricks and which uses modern manufacturing techniques and high tech robots in manufacturing and stocking in order to obtain maximum efficiency. This factory in Greece has maximum energy efficiency and production speed, and our company has undertaken to make distribution of its products to Turkey and to the neighboring countries for a period of 5 years.