Construction and Contracting

Being a company within the IŞIKLAR HOLDİNG group ÖZIŞIK İnşaat ve Enerji A.Ş. has successfully completed many construction projects since 1977, the time when it started out its construction and contracting activities.

The main construction fields of the company are water structures (dams, hydroelectric power plants, irrigation systems, drainage systems), bridges, tunnels, and roads (motorways, highways), turn key projects such as factories, treatment plants, infra-structure facilities (potable water, sewage systems), pipelines, houses, and commercial buildings.

As being a company which has been operating for 44 years in its sector NİĞBAŞ was established by ÇİMHOL and İLLER BANKASI (the bank for the provinces) in partnership of these two organizations in 1969 for the purposes of manufacturing concrete pillars, and upto today the company has manufactured prefabricated concrete structures, and concrete structure elements, by virtue of which the company has become an integrated facility which applies the latest technology and also become a company which presents innovation products to its customers.
NİĞBAŞ is set up on a piece of land with a total area of 63,000 sqm, and 13,200 sqm of this are is closed. The company employs a qualified labor force and technical staff. The company manufactures energy transmission lines, city networks, and concrete pillars and crossbars for the purpose of lighting, prefabricated concrete structures, concrete curbs, pavement stones, fence posts, pre-stressed concrete beams.