Information Policy

Our company has adopted the policy of announcing all the required information to the public in a timely manner and completely within the framework of particularly the Capital Markets Law and other relevant legislation. Within this framework, all the relevant information except for the one which is considered to be commercially confidential (trade secrets) and which must be announced pursuant to the laws is explained and announced to the public according to the legislation under equal conditions and with the lowest cost in places provided for by the legislation and in the web pages of our company.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors of our company to set up and carry out the information policy. A department of Capital Markets Investor Relationships Corporate Management has been established within the structure of our company for the purposes of sharing the required information with the public in accordance with the relevant legislation and standards, and the information policy in our company is carried out by the aforementioned department.

The Investor Relations Department carries out its work and duties for the purposes of promotion of our company to the domestic and international potential investors, for meeting the information needs of the companies specialized in analysis and research, and for answering the questions of the potential investors within scope of the relationships with the investors. The presentations, bulletins, and other documents prepared within this scope are placed and announced in the web pages of our company. In addition to the information and documentation required by the legislation, the news that are broadcasted in the media about our company are announced in our monthly periodical which is published with the title of “News From Işıklar” in which the developments within the companies included in the Işıklar Group are broadcasted and also in our web pages. In the web site of the company, which is updated on a continuous basis, all the information and developments attracting the attention of the relevant parties and persons are announced so that these parties can follow the developments within our group and that they can have an access into the information related to investor relationships.

Through a media monitoring agency that Işıklar Holding A.Ş. has made an agreement with in Turkey, the news broadcasted in relation to the companies within the Işıklar Group in the media organization which realize nationwide broadcasting are monitored. Within this framework, the news that are broadcasted is shared with the relevant top executives of the company and with the department of Capital Markets Investor Relationships. In the event of dispersion of the news and rumors in the media or among the people about our group and group companies that do not originate from the representatives of the group and that may affect the investment decisions of the investors, a special case explanation and announcement is made as to the truth and sufficiency of such rumors and news. If the news or rumor in question in not so important as to consider it as internal information, no explanation and announcement is made about it in principle. However, the need for making a special case explanation and announcement about such a case is evaluated by the Departments of Capital Markets Investor Relationships and Corporate Management. In principle no explanation and announcements are made about rumors and news which are obviously false and which are announced in the internet the source of which is not known. However, if it is found necessary for the benefits of investors, an explanation may be made about such news and rumors, as well. At the same time, necessary complaints may be made to the relevant bodies and organs with respect to such rumors that are not true.

In the event that a special development occurs within the company which may require a special explanation and announcement, the company employees who have the internal information and other parties are informed and told that such information is confidential during the process from the occurrence of such an event to the announcement to the public. However, a special explanation and announcement is made if the confidentiality of the information in question is not possible before making an announcement to the public.

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