• Ambalaj
Işıklar Ambalaj started manufacturing kraft sacks in 1972 in Bartın, and the company is the first private enterprise to manufacture kraft sacks in Turkey. The products of the company is exported to nearly 100 countries.

It is a school- like enterprise which incorporates today’s dynamism into the experience that the company has had since 1972, and this is shared with the customers, and the company shapes and leads the sector and prepares its customers for the future.

The plant of Işıklar Ambalaj in Çumra has a special sack manufacturing capacity of 300 million pieces per year and has a W&H machinery park. The company has nearly 1000 domestic and international customers for whom we create added value, and as being a solution partner we collaborate with our customers.

Işıklar Paper Sack Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Işıklar Ambalaj is the first international company in Erbil in Northen Iraq to realize manufacturin and to make an investment in a cement sack plant which started out its production activities in February, 2013.

Işıklar Paper Sack has a manufacturing capacity of 80 million pieces of sacks per year, and the company aims at increasing this capacity three times more within the following 3 years, and at becoming a supplier for the whole cement industry in Iraq.