Policy on Wages and Salaries

The financial rights of the members of the Board of Directors are decided on by the Shareholders General Assembly each year. With respect to the financial rights to be given to the independent members of the board of directors, The regulations and arrangements of the Capital Markets Board are taken as the basis.

The wages of the top executives in our company are determined by a committee formed within the structure of the board of directors at least once in a year’s time in accordance with the responsibilities of the related position, performance of the top executive in question, and the wage levels in the market and the balances within company. At the same time, after the distribution of the dividends to the shareholders as the first dividends as indicated in the articles of association of the company, at most 5% of the remaining amount of the dividends are distributed to the members of the board of directors and to the employees with the resolution of the shareholders general assembly in this respect.


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