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Within the framework of restructuring the company in the form of a holding company, the manufacturing facilities utilized in the textile activities was rented on the date of 01.11.2011 to this company which was established on the date of 26.05.2011 having the title of Metemteks Sentetik İplik San.ve Tic.A.Ş. and the total shares of which belongs to Işıklar Enerji ve Yapı Holding.

Metemteks Sentetik İplik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. is set up on a rented land of 11,000 sqm, 7,000 sqm of which consists of a closed area in the township of Çorlu, and the company manufactures polyester yarns, which are sold in the domestic market and also exported to international markets. The yarn factory is designed in such a way as to manufacture various polyester yarns to be used in the weaving industry. When compared to the large scale manufacturers with integrated facilities, the company has a flexibility in its manufacturing process, and this flexibility allows the company to deal with even small size orders in the manufacturing process without experiencing any problems in the process.